What Are Tasks?

This article provides an explanation of what "Tasks" are in Oable.

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In Oable, the term Task refers to a reminder instructing the user to carry out a certain action, usually in relation to a specific Request. You can access a list of any current tasks by selecting the <Tasks> section from the sidebar or by selecting the <Tasks> box when viewing the <My Dashboard> page when you first log in.

Selecting either of these options will take you to the <Tasks> section, where you can view all currently active tasks in Oable.

There are three tabs in this section:

  • My Tasks - These are tasks that are assigned to you in Oable.

  • Unassigned - These are tasks that have not been assigned to a specific user.

  • Assigned to Others - These are tasks that have been assigned to another user in the same Institution to complete.

Any active tasks will be listed in one of these three tabs. A number next to each tab name displays how many tasks are currently in that tab. These tabs will be populated by two main types of tasks: system-generated tasks and user-created tasks.

System-Generated Tasks

Tasks are often automatically generated by the system and generally are meant to remind the user to complete the next step in a request's workflow. For example, in the screenshot below, a "Select Agreement" task was automatically created for a request to notify the user that a request is ready to have action taken on it.

Tasks generated by the system often will have a blue button allowing the user to take the necessary action directly from the same screen. For example, in the screenshot below the task can be resolved by clicking the Select Agreement button.

User-Created Tasks

However, tasks can also be manually created by a user in Oable. The instructions on how to manually create a task for a request can be found here. User-created tasks can be anything from instructions to perform a specific task in the Oable app to a reminder about contacting an author outside of Oable. Once the task is complete, it can be resolved by selecting Mark as Done.

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