How Do I Schedule Tasks in Oable?

This article explains how to use the "Add Task" function in Oable.

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When handling a Request, you may sometimes need to create reminders to yourself or your colleagues to perform certain actions in relation to that request. For example, you may want to remind yourself to check to see if a DOI has been provided for a request, or to send an email updating someone on the status of their request. These reminders are called Tasks, and to create them, select the Add Task button located in the bottom right of a request's info pane.

Note: The Add Task button will only be visible after you've started processing the request. If the request is still in the <Draft> or <Ready for Processing> stages of the request workflow, the Add Task option will not appear.

Selecting Add Task will open a pop-up window where you can enter the information for the task you'd like to create. You will also have the option to assign the task to yourself or to another user by entering their information in the field labeled "Assign to someone else." If the task needs to be done by a certain time, you can enter that in the "Due at" field or you can leave it empty.

Once you select Create, the task will appear in the <Tasks> section of Oable, and will appear under one of three tabs depending on who the task is assigned to. If you assign the task to yourself, it will appear under the <My Tasks> tab in this section. A number next to each tab title will also display how many tasks there are currently in that category.

In the appropriate tab of the <Tasks> section, you'll be able to view the task and all of its information. Once you've completed the task, you can select Mark as Done to complete the task and remove it from this page.

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