What Are Agreements?

This article aims to explain the different types of agreements in Oable.

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Important note: The Oable team configures Agreements upon setup with Oable clients.

Agreements in Oable

Within Oable, the Agreements can be regarded as the brain of the system. The Agreements contain the rules for how Requests are processed in the system, determining the eligibility compliance checks the Request will undergo, as well as setting how approved Requests are in turn paid as Transactions.

There are two "types" of Agreements:

  • Publisher Agreements

  • The Internal APC Fund Agreement

Publisher Agreements

A Publisher Agreement is an Agreement that is associated with a specific publisher (for example, a Transformative Agreement or a Membership Agreement). In the screenshot below you can see that the Agreement is tied to a publisher based on the publisher name (Wiley) being present in the "Publisher" column.

Additionally, as shown in the screenshot above, Agreements can be managed in two different ways:

  • "publisher-managed": In case of a "publisher-managed agreement", some or all fields within the Agreement are marked as read-only, and therefore the publisher controls some or all of the settings for these Agreements rather than the Institution using Oable.

  • "institution-managed": In case of a "institution-managed agreement", all fields within the Agreement can be edited the Institution using Oable, as opposed to the publisher having sole control over the settings of the Agreement.

The Internal APC Fund Agreement

Next to Publisher Agreements, customers who use Oable to manage their own APC fund will see a publisher-agnostic Agreement that is activated. This Agreement can be seen in the screenshot below:

The Internal APC Fund Agreement processes all the APC invoices that are paid (in full or part) with the internal OA fund. The Agreement is not tied to any specific publisher because the APC invoices the user is processing may come from many different publishers.

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