How Do APC Payments Work for Gold OA Agreements?

This article summarizes how Gold OA APC payments are processed and tracked in Oable.

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For most publisher Gold OA payments where a central agreement exists, consortia and institutions transact APCs against a Deposit Account that has been pre-paid for the Agreement period. Every time a Request is approved for funding in Oable, the APC will be deducted from the relevant Deposit Account's balance. These drawdowns can be seen from the <Transactions> screen, such as in the screenshot below:

For more information on Transactions, please read the article here.

In addition, in Oable you can always see the current balance of your Deposit Accounts by selecting the <Deposit Accounts> tab in the sidebar on the left side of the screen. Here, you can see your current balance, as well as the amount that has been spent (in the "Amount Spent" column), and the amount currently reserved for coming transactions (in the "Amount Planned" column).

In order to keep the Deposit Account balance in sync with the publisher, the initial Deposit Account balance is first set at the client's kick-off meeting. After that, the Oable customer onboarding team will work with clients on a recurring basis to monitor the balances together and ensure they are accurate and up-to-date.

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