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What Are Planned Transactions and Paid Transactions?
What Are Planned Transactions and Paid Transactions?

This article summarized the different statuses that transactions in Oable can have.

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Transactions Summary

When paying for Requests, a Transaction is created in the Oable system. A Transaction is representation of a payment made in relation to a Request, and is generally made using either a Deposit Account or an Invoice payment. If the Deposit Account is selected as the payment method, the transaction will be made against the Deposit Account linked to the Agreement. Transactions appear in the <Transactions> overview screen, and can have one of two statuses: "Planned" or "Paid"

Planned Transactions

A Planned Transaction is a Transaction where all the payment information has been set, but the payment itself has not yet been executed. Before the actual payment is finalized, you can review and adjust the payment information in the <Transactions Planned> tab of your Requests workflow, as shown below:

Also, when an error occurs during the payment attempt, the Transaction will remain in the <Transactions Planned> stage and the specifics of the error will be displayed. The nature of the error is dictated by parameters set in the <Payment Validation> section of the Agreement. For example, a Transaction may fail due to a mismatch between the payment currency selected for a Request and the currency associated with the Agreement, or due to insufficient balance on the Deposit Account selected.

Paid Transactions

Paid Transactions are successfully completed Transactions. Once a Transaction is created and completed, you will see it as "Paid" in the Request workflow, as shown in the screenshot below, and on the <Transactions> screen.

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