Release Notes - Oable 2.0.0
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This release (October 30th) includes the following technical enhancements to the platform:

‘Deny Reason’ Text Box

Description: Institutional admins will have the option of adding a new free text field to capture the deny reason when a request is rejected. When used, the deny reason will be shared with Publisher and included in the Oable reporting.

  • Under ‘Approve/Deny Request’ when institutional admins make a reject decision and select ‘Deny Request’ a new free text box labelled ‘Deny reason’ will appear. This is an optional text box.

  • The text box captures the deny reason when a request is rejected.

  • If the Publisher integrations allow it, the ‘Deny reason’ will also be shared with the publisher as well. Please note that some publishers may pass on the deny reason to authors.

  • If used, the reason will appear in the Funding Request Reports.

  • ‘Deny reason’ is not shared with author(s) on Oable.

Inbox - Include additional data to Request information

Description: Institutional admins can now see the Journal and Agreement name in the request information included in Oable's Inbox communications, to have detailed information to make an informed decision.

Reporting - Two new columns added in 'Funding Request Report'

Description: Author Affiliation(s) columns are now included in the 'Funding Request Report'.

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