Release Notes - Oable 1.1

These release notes summarize the changes made in Oable 1.1

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Support team contact methods

  • For any support questions we now have an email address at You can write this email address with any questions you may have regarding Oable or your account.

  • Alternatively, the chat button on the bottom right of the screen can be used for instant, in-app support. You can also use this chat box to search through our database of support articles.

Terminology update

Submissions are now called Funding Requests in full and Requests for short.

Updates to the Funding Request Workflow (formerly Submission Workflow)

The main workflow in Oable has been changed significantly to allow for more flexibility and transparency. As mentioned above, the <Submissions> workflow has been renamed the <Request> workflow, and we have reduced the number of stages in the workflow to make for a more efficient, streamlined process. Please have a look at this article as well to see a short video and more explanations about the updated workflow.

The new default stages are as follows:

  1. Draft

  2. Ready for processing

  3. Assign agreement

  4. Ready for approval

  5. Approved

  6. Denied

  7. Transaction planned

  8. Paid

  9. Cancelled

APC Request Changes

  1. The <APC Requests> workflow has now been merged with the <Funding Request> workflow (formerly <Submission> workflow).

    1. This means that Request (Submission) do not have to be generated from an APC Request.

    2. Any Requests coming in via the APC Request Form will land in the <Funding Requests> workflow automatically.

    3. Currently, a Request coming from the APC Request Form will be indicated by the "Form" note in the top right of a Request entry. This will be expanded upon in later updates.

Deposits and Transactions

  • The <Plan Transactions> window now includes a visible "Outstanding Balance" that is directly updated based on the planned Transaction amounts that you input.

  • Additional options have been added to the <Payment Validation> section of the Agreement settings (see "Agreement changes" below for more information)

  • Currency validation

  • Validation if payment is complete (balance = 0)

  • Transactions can now be reprocessed and essentially edited from the <Paid> stage.

  • Deposit Accounts can now be Publisher-managed (read-only).

  • <Deposit Accounts> overview screen now shows the amount that is in the <Transactions Planned> stage.

Agreement Changes

  • Additional validation options have been added when configuring your Agreement:

    • DOI

    • License

    • Date of Acceptance

    • Date of Publication

    • Invoice Uploaded

  • Agreements now have a viewable history of when changes were made and by whom.

  • Added an eligibility time window that can be set up in the Agreement. A Request's eligibility can be determined based off its Date of Submission or Date of Acceptance.

  • Agreements can now also be publisher-managed (read-only).


  • Added a new metadata field: Publisher Publication Type Alias. This is raw data directly taken from the Integration, if activated in the Integration.

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